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Interactive Fiction related links

The Annual IF Competition has a website. Rules, prizes, volunteer beta-testers, contest game locations, a web-based voting apparatus, and so on are here. Hosted by contest administrator Stephen Granade.

Speaking of Granade, his site Brass Lantern has weekly features, special columns, timely links, and recent IF news. More information than you can stuff in your rucksack.

Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive reviews and indexes the games of the if-archive by Title, Author, Date, Date Added to Guide, Development System, Genre, Language, Platform, and Rating, plus an index of the games of all text adventure competitions, including the AGT ones. By Carl Muckenhoupt.

XYZZYnews is a magazine similar to this one in focus. It has reviews of all-text games, Interactive Fiction websites, and lots of fun articles on all sorts of IF topics. Eileen Mullin's site.

The Unofficial Infocom Page has everything you ever wanted to know about Infocom, and then some, you can find on this page. If you're a fan of Interactive Fiction, you simply have to visit this site.

>VERBOSE is former SPAG editor Paul O'Brian's own IF page, featuring the games and reviews he's written, as well as miscellaneous fun content.

Current SPAG editor Jimmy Maher's page can be found here, featuring most of his non-SPAG related IF projects. Be sure to check out Let's Tell a Story Together, an online history of interactive fiction.

The IF Ratings Site is a place where you can quickly rate and post a capsule review of any game in the IF archive.

Other game magazines and pages

Four Fat Chicks is the game review site with the funny name. Reviews are long, thoughtful, and literate, and the focus is on story-oriented commercial games.

The Escapist is a weekly online magazine that focuses less on computer games themselves than on the culture that surrounds them. Essential reading for new media sociologists.

Grand Text Auto is a joint blog dedicated to computer-based narrative (including IF), computer art, and electronic writing. Noted IF author and theorist Nick Montfort is a frequent contributor, as are both authors of the "computer drama" Facade.

Adventure Gamers provides timely and unbiased reviews of commercial and amateur graphical adventure games.

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