An apology

So I really dropped the ball with SPAG, and I’ve realised it’s time to own up to that.

I had sincere hopes of publishing SPAG regularly, but for many reasons it didn’t happen. Real life got busy. One particular article stumped my editorial instincts so that I avoided the whole project for a while. I received only a handful of articles which made me worry that even if issue 62 were published there would be nothing for after that. (Though my inactivity was probably the cause of that – who would submit articles to a website that’s been quiet for two years?) But ultimately I’ve realised that I’m not the right person to be in charge. I’m a strong P in the Myers-Briggs personality system – I’m much better at maintaining other people’s Inform extensions than writing a story myself, or even than writing my own extensions. I much prefer to be a second-in-charge than a leader, and being a leader over no one but myself is the worst of all.

So it’s time that I ask for someone else to take over. I’m still willing to be involved, especially in a technical/webmaster role, but SPAG needs someone else to be the editor. It needs someone with a stronger vision for the site too. I still think that hosting short reviews is something that the community is more than covering at the IFDB and all the blogs, but what else SPAG could become I’m not sure. In depth SPAG Specifics reviews? A place for curating IF? An indie publisher? Please contact me if you have ideas or would like to help. I don’t want this site to stay dead.

My greatest apologies go to the authors whose articles I’ve been sitting on. I really do hope they will get published soon.

One thought on “An apology

  1. Felix

    I don’t really know what to say about the future of SPAG. I don’t know what it could turn into. But anything would have been better than total silence for two years. Even just your thoughts about what’s going on in the world of IF would have been welcome. But hey, at least you’ve been paying to keep the old issues online. That’s something. Thanks for being around, thanks for being honest, and if you need to bounce ideas off someone, I’m available. Don’t go hiding again, will you? 🙂

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